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GRAVIATORS is a team arena sports game in space, where you compete in pinball-like arenas and use your spacepods special gravity and shield abilities to control and shoot the ball on the enemy goal to score points. It’s focus is to revive the nostalgic flair and couch co-op fun of earlier arcade titles.
It’s designed with an easy to learn, easy to master approach, while offering exciting mechanics for creative gameplay and player expression. With a low skill entry level it manages to build a bridge between casual and competitive players and is promising to be a lot of fun in every living room.
It can be played competitively 1vs1 or in teams of 2vs2, while the designated highscore mode is played either alone or cooperatively with two players.

It features multiple game modes:
Versus Arena: Destroy shields around your opponents black hole to get temporary points. Shoot inside the black hole to score goals and add your points to the scoreboard!
Planetary Arena: The goals are located on each side of the screen and the playfield is divided by a black hole. Use it to give the ball some extra power! Destroy the shields and score goals to add points to the scoreboard!
Meteor Shower: Protect your planet and survive oncoming waves of asteroids! Destroy them quickly to build up a higher multiplier. With further waves, new kinds of asteroids and new objects are added to the game.

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