Elective Courses

You also want to deal with your self-employment during your studies? No problem!


For students, alumni and employees of HFU who are interested in founding their own company, inter-faculty elective courses on the topic of entrepreneurship (basics, business game and practical seminar) are offered every semester. Here you will gain a variety of insights into the startup world and acquire both theoretical knowledge and practical skills that are needed to make the path to self-employment and existence as a founder as successful as possible.

Here you will learn, for example

Tools for the creative development of ideas, such as Design Thinking or Lean Startup.
The must-haves of a meaningful business plan
Factual knowledge: Legal form, tax, business registration
Finer points and components of a convincing elevator pitch

You will simulate company start-ups in teams, which will provide you with practical tips and tricks on how to effectively present your own business idea to potential investors, partners or customers and thus promote it.

There are no prerequisites for participation in the elective entrepreneurship courses. Registration is possible via the FELIX platform: Courses – Catalog – WPV – Register and go!

Elective course Entrepreneurship